Make a meal of it

Did you know that food loss and waste consumes 18% of cropland, 19% of fertilizers and 21% of landfill volume? A bilingual pack produced by Transition Bro Gwaun in Pembrokeshire will enable you to do a baseline survey of food waste in your school, make an action plan and monitor progress. It also includes sections on food miles, healthy eating, composting and anaerobic digestions. Activities for literacy, numeracy, science and creative expression are provided, with worksheets and a Powerpoint on how to make a video.

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Discovering local food

Do you know what grows in your local area, and who gets it from the field or the sea to your plate? FACE has produced a new resource for primary schools to map their local food system, with links to the geography curriculum, and ideas for history, maths, global citizenship and IT. As one teacher said: “There were numerous opportunities for cross curricular learning – literacy, numeracy and science especially – and the pupils were fully engaged throughout. The only difficulty with this topic is that there is SO much potential for exciting learning activities, that it was difficult to fit it all in!”

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New local food enterprise challenges for schools

pots steaming on the stoveFACE Cymru has produced two new Enterprise and Employability Challenges for secondary schools, as part of the Welsh Baccalaureate. At GCSE, pupils are invited to design a product that could be sold in a farm shop. At A level, they can design the ultimate food festival – without the trouble of carrying it out. These projects are a great opportunity for farms, food businesses and schools to work together, so why not give it a go? Download them here:

Farm shop product – GCSE

Food festival – A level

Food festival. FACE will be producing resources to support them so get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

Why Farming Matters

Why Farming Matters is a teaching resource containing a wealth of activity ideas for Key Stage 2 classes. Teachers can select individual activities or deliver them all as part of a topic on food and farming.

You can download the Why Farming Matters e-book from the Why Farming Matters website, where you will also find supplementary resources and guidance. Pick an activity from the e-book, and then choose the corresponding section from the left hand menu of the site to find downloads, links and helpful suggestions.

Why Farming Matters

Why Farming Matters is a collaborative project by Farming & Countryside Education (FACE) and the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and it is available in English and Welsh.

Spotlight on Food and Farming

Farming and food production is vital to the Welsh economy, and to us all.  By 2020, the aim of Welsh Government is to grow this sector by 30%.  British farming creates around 63% of the food we eat, but as well as making sure we have the food we need, farmers and food producers use the latest technologies to protect our natural environment.

Find out more about careers in the sector with this resource from Careers Wales: Spotlight on food and farming.

Visiting a dairy farm

FACE Cymru and the National Botanic Garden of Wales have a produced a resource to support a visit to a dairy farm. It suggests activities and discussions that might be carried out before, during or after a visit by Key Stages 2-4, and shows links to the Welsh Skills Framework and Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.

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Food Race

Food RaceFood Race is a multimedia resource produced by Hybu Cig Cymru/ Meat Promotion Wales to support primary teachers’ work on food, nutrition and healthy eating at KS2.

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