Hygiene on Open Farms

HOOFThe Health and Safety Executive in Wales has produced a pack for teachers called Hygiene on Open Farms, or HOOF. It contains resources on hand washing and infection.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Environmental Health staff from Welsh Local Authorities are working in partnership to raise awareness of the risks of infection by E. coli 0157 and Cryptosporidium on open farms.

The HOOF project takes a two pronged attack –

1. Local Education Authorities will be provided with a resource pack to give to teachers planning visits to these establishments.

2. Joint visits by HSE and Local Authority staff to open farms to assess their working practices, and the controls that they have in place to minimise risk of infection to visitors. In particular, we will check that there are adequate arrangements for hand-washing, as proper hand-washing is essential in preventing ill health.

Download the resource pack here:

Information Sheet 1 – Cryptosporidium [25kb]
Information Sheet 2 – E.coli 0157 [25kb]
Letter to parents [25kb]
Planning the Visit [31kb]
Example Risk Assessment [29kb]
HOOF Campaign Evaluation Form [28kb]
Hygiene On Open Farms Education Pack [4.7Mb]
HOOF Useful websites [24kb]
Avoiding ill health at open farms – Advice to farmers (with teachers’ supplement) [64kb]
Be Responsible Keep Children Safe on Your Farm [61kb]
Make Handwashing a Habit! [39kb]